David Cameron joins the battle

2015-03-08 16:59:36
The continued refusal of the German government to meet at ministerial level seems destined to become a diplomatic incident.  The European Parliament is speaking with one voice now that all seven groupings have sent a letter to Chancellor Merkel, 227 UK MPs have signed their own open letter which has been sent to the German Ambassador, health ministers from all four UK assemblies and parliaments have also written to the German government as have numerous MPs. 

We met a German civil servant last year who told us we need to see a Minister.  Yet, still they refuse to allow us to discuss, at the appropriate level, compelling archive material demonstrating the way the German government interfered in the trial of Grunenthal, to the severe disadvantage of all thalidomide survivors. 

Last week, Michael Moore MP wrote to the German ambassador protesting at his failure to meet victims and a cross-party group of MPs.  On Friday David Cameron pledged not only to raise the matter with the German chancellor but also to push for a direct meeting between thalidomide survivors and a German minister.

The fight to be heard and receive appropriate assistance goes on...

You can read about the meeting as reported by the Sunday Times here.

David Cameron meets thalidomide survivors