Europe Speaks Loudly with One Voice: Press Conference

2015-05-26 13:17:17
On 27th May a host of MEPs from all seven political groups co-sponsored a press statement on behalf of our campaign.  Politicians of all nationalities and political persuasions united to call the German government to hold immediate talks with representatives from all countries whose thalidomide survivors were so severely disadvantaged by the early termination of the trial of Grunenthal in 1971.

MEPs supported the opening statement delivered by campaign team leader Nick Dobrik who drew attention to the fact that the behaviour of a past German government fell well below the standards we have come to expect from modern Germany.  Ashley Fox (ECR), Esteban Pons (EPP) and Matthias Groote (S&D) called from the platform for the present Federal Government to 'put right an historic injustice and ease the physical suffering of remaining thalidomide survivors before it is too late'.  Many other MEPs spoke from the floor of the conference in support of this call.

You can view a video of the Press Conference here.

This is how one attendee from the UK, on her first visit to the parliament, described the experience.

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