Exposed: Reuters and The Guardian break the shocking news

2014-11-15 10:33:26
Sir Harold Evans, former editor of the Sunday Times, always believed his investigative team never got to the real reason the trial of Grunenthal was brought to an end in 1970.  He was right to be suspicious, and now the facts are emerging into the light.  Sir Harold has examined our research findings and believes they "stoke fresh controversy about how and why the criminal trial against the drug's makers ended without a verdict in December 1970".

His conclusions have now been summarised in a detailed article published by Reuters and The Guardian newspaper based on documents found by our researcher, and opinion from an international law firm, all supporting our "Fifty Year Fight" campaign message.  The documents show that German government did interfere in the criminal trial of thalidomide manufacturer Grunenthal, breaking their own constitution in the process, which then affected the financial support given to thalidomide survivors and led directly to a deterioration in health due to unmet needs. 

The Reuters article can be read here.

The Guardian newspaper concludes that "evidence has been uncovered that the pharmaceutical outrage - it is nothing less - was compounded by a judicial scandal that has suppurated all these years".  You can read the article here.

The extent of Grunenthal's guilt and of German government complicity is due to be published in book form in 2016.